The Market Place

The Market Place work stream refers to productive engagements and roundtables with existing and new stakeholders aimed at deepening collaboration and diversifying the sponsor, investor and partner base. Specifically, the Africa Investment Forum engages various categories of investors to facilitate match making efforts with curated deals, and convenes investment roundtables to shape perceptions about investment opportunities in Africa.

Activities of the Market Place include:

  • Investor Mobilization & Engagement (Interactive engagement among a community of capital providers and project sponsors).
  • Partners Engagement (Deepening existing partnerships with Africa Investment Forum Founding/Institutional Partners and growing the pool of partners on the Africa Investment Forum).
  • Regional Investment Roundtables (mainly held before the Market-Days to present curated Investment opportunities and potential Boardroom Deals in the AIF portfolio to local investors).
  • Global Investment Roundtables (held all year round with global and local institutional investors, with the ultimate objective of aligning their investment appetite and criteria with Africa’s curated investment opportunities).
  • Investor Blast (an analytical survey mechanism through which investors are targeted and invited to express an interest in participating in Boardroom session).
  • Virtual Boardrooms: virtual invitation only meetings between investors, project sponsors, stakeholders and key government officials, with the objective of attracting investment interest to the Deal.