African Development Bank To Launch 2019 Electricity Regulatory Index And First Tariff Report At Africa Investment Forum

What: Launch of 2019 Electricity Regulatory Index and first Tariff Report

When: Wednesday, 13 November 2019, 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Where: Sandton Convention Center, Johannesburg, South Africa  (Session Room 1)

Who: Wale Shonibare, Acting Vice President, Power, Energy, Climate & Green Growth Complex, African Development Bank ; Richard Nelson, Deputy Coordinator, Power Africa ; Professor Perez-Arriaga Jose Ignacio, Florence School of Regulation.

The African Development Bank will officially launch its Electricity Regulatory Index (ERI) 2019 at this year’s Africa Investment Forum, Africa’s premier investment marketplace, currently underway in Johannesburg, South Africa on Wednesday, 13 November 2019.

The Index is an annual comparative, country-by-country assessment of the energy sector’s level of regulatory development and serves as a diagnostic tool for identifying bottlenecks in the sector and recommending appropriate interventions to address them. The launch forms part of knowledge-sharing that will consist of presentations of three analytical studies undertaken by the Bank and its partners, highlighting a review of the energy sector across the continent.

The Bank will also launch its first-ever comparative tariff study, the Comparative Analysis of Electricity Tariffs in ECOWAS Member Countries at the event.

The report assessed the tariff frameworks, tariff levels and underlying drivers of tariffs across the electricity value chain (Generation, Transmission and Distribution) of the 15 member states and provides relevant information and data to influence policy and investment decisions in the region. The Bank plans to replicate this study in other regions of Africa and eventually cascade it into a continental piece.

The Africa Investment Forum, an initiative led by the African Development Bank to accelerate investment into Africa in an unprecedented way, is taking place from 11 to 13 November. This unique, multi-stakeholder platform was designed by the Bank and its partners to fill the continent’s vast investment gap and kick-start its transformative agenda.

Journalists are invited to cover the event.

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